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Art, Books and Music for a Better World

About the Art

These incredible artworks are created in Hawaii using a combination of techniques. Part of it is Yogic, using stretching and yoga poses. The other aspects of creating the work involve visualization, meditation and imagination. The end  results...something you would never see through a camera lens. It is our hope to be able to share our work globally. We believe that art and beauty are able to uplift the spirit and transform reality, creating visions for positive social and ecological change across the planet.       

A Beautiful Day Gallery seeks socially-conscious agencies to share proceeds from the sales of artwork

 “A Beautiful Day Gallery” will share 50% of it’s profits with interested organizations working toward positive social change.

Carden is best known for her imaginative tropical landscapes with a whimsical flair. She has been a professional artist most of her life and her art is in collections worldwide. Her compilation of work spanning nearly three decades is now available for viewing on her online gallery at http://www.beautifulartgallery.com.

Sherri Carden’s artwork is meticulously created using a combination of media including oils, acrylics, pencils, pastels, watercolors and imagery. These pictures are not something you would ever see through a camera lens. Although the quality of the final product is comparable to any high-end art gallery, the cost is significantly lower because this is a “virtual art gallery”. All products are manufactured in the United States.

“A Beautiful Day Gallery” was founded in 1996 on Maui and then later moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2002. The business is currently a member in good standing with East Hawaii BNI, a professional business networking organization that abides by a code of ethics. Sherri has recently added the “Art for a Cause” program as a way to help socially conscious organizations achieve their goals, especially those working toward positive ecological change.

We believe that one day humanity will express itself through the arts, and we will all become part of a creative consciousness. She hopes that this artistic effort will be a good step in that positive direction.

We will seasonally update the “Art for a Cause” link featuring artworks for sale to benefit the worthy organizations.


















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