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Art, Books and Music for a Better World

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   At "Art for a Cause" we are striving to create conscious positive change on the planet. It is our hope to be able to empower worthy causes through a portion of the proceeds from the sales of artwork. Perhaps we can work together to promote a higher awareness of social and ecological responsibility as well as humanitarian efforts through the arts.
We have a legitimate opportunity for your organization to inspire support for your fundraising efforts for your worthy causes by purchasing a beautiful art print from Hawaii.
In the words of Albert Ryder, “Have you ever seen an inchworm crawl up a leaf or twig, and there, clinging to the very end, revolves in the air, feeling for something to reach?”
   We believe we have a good idea for our company and others to reach out for. ..especially in these challenging times in which worthy organizations and artists need a good footing to climb the ladder of success to reach their dreams and goals.
Your organization can receive 50% of the net profit of all the sales of the artwork simply by choosing an image from our gallery to post on your website or newsletter. You will then create a hyperlink to a secure e-commerce site, where your supporters can choose how they would like to purchase the art.
   This site will be set up by our company at no charge. All the printing and shipping is handled by this American e-commerce company. Your organization can even decide the markup they would like to receive from the sales, based upon the demographics of your supporters. Every one of your supporters can order small or large posters, prints, or any size canvas print paintings.

All the money received goes directly into your account. We will reconcile monthly. If you like, we can even use PayPal so the transactions can be as easy as a click. This can greatly benefit everyone through it’s simplicity and effectiveness.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to our website and choose a piece of art you would like to share.
2. Decide on the % markup you would like to pass along to your supporters.
3. We set up the e-commerce site for you.
4. Create a hyperlink to the e-commerce site from your website or newsletter and share it with your network.
5. Choose a date you would like to reconcile with us for our 50%.

It really is just that simple!

If you have more questions about our “Art for a Cause Program” please contact me directly. We can get you started right away!


Sherri Carden

Artist and Owner

Beautiful Art Gallery

(808) 982-7252

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We are honored to partner with some of the finest socially and environmentally conscious organizations on the planet. We hope
you will take a moment to visit their e-commerce sites and support
their programs by purchasing art. We believe that art will heal the
planet, and it starts with you!

Support the Hawaii Island Humane Society

to purchase this image and support them, click here:

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